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10 Ways Kids Can Help With Home Projects

10 Ways Kids Can Help With Home Projects

When doing a kitchen remodeling project yourself, you want to be careful to do things correctly.  When you homeschool 5 children (ages 7-13), it’s important to find things that they can participate in as well.   We’ve come up with at least 10 things that are age appropriate, and still lets the kiddos know they’ve participated in the family’s work.

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  1. Let kids help pull off old drywall or paneling. Older kids that are good at following directions can use a crowbar or hammer.  Make sure they wear gloves and boots to protect from nails.


2.  Kids of all ages can carry out boards and make piles.  Even a 3 year old feels useful when carrying a small piece of wood.


3.  Let them paint the trim or baseboard.  What?! Hear me out…most trim is painted once before it’s hung up.  That’s the painting they can do.  Let the older ones, or adults do the final. 🙂

4.  Let older ones paint the final coat on window trim.  This I recommend for an older child or teen. Give them instructions (maybe even show by your example), lay down some cardboard or plastic for paint drips, a small brush, and see how well they do.

5.  Let tiny fingers add the washers to the screws for you.  This is great for motor skills as well.

6.  Allow them to hand you the screws or nails.  When putting the ceiling fan blades on, it was so helpful to have our 7 year old stand there and just hand the screws up to me. She saved me many trips up and down the step ladder.

7.  Allow a teen to strip off old paint.  We used a spray kind of [amazon_textlink asin=’B002OTNSIG’ text=’paint stripper’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’besidethecreek-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8375840e-aac7-11e7-9daa-b12d36f043c7′] that you apply then let set for 15 minutes.  Since it is a high powered chemical, heavy duty gloves are recommended as well as long sleeves.  Also, make sure this is done outside due to strong vapors.

8.  Kids can sand wood with a small[amazon_textlink asin=’B00ZWJDPTC’ text=’ hand-sander’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’besidethecreek-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ff550d39-aac6-11e7-acd9-03b2c12112dc’].  Show them the direction of the grain in the wood and demonstrate the correct way to sand with the grain, not against it.  They will love feeling their progress as the wood gets smoother and smoother.

9.  Small hands can install new soap dispensers.  Our 13 year old enjoyed taking this on as his own.  Something simple, but he completed it start to finish, added soap and all. 🙂

10.  Let them fix lunch for everyone.  When you’re busy nailing wallboard or caulking trim, it’s nice to not have to stop and fix lunch for everyone.  Have kids take turns fixing pizza rolls or mac & cheese for the family.

You know your kids. You also know what they are physically capable of doing.  Don’t underestimate their potential.  Be wise in what you allow your kids to help with, but also give them a chance to try something new.  They might surprise you!  When it’s all said and done, and you’re eating supper in your new kitchen, the entire family can honestly say they each helped out. It also might spark an interest in them to learn a new trade and be more willing to participate the next time the family ventures out on a project.

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