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April Fool’s Day! Who Really Was Tricked?

April Fool’s Day!  Who Really Was Tricked?

For this post I’d like to welcome published author, (and our aunt), Patricia H. Guthrie to the Creek.  We hope you enjoy her writings as much we do 😉    This post does contain affiliates

This year Easter Sunday – Resurrection Day 2018 – falls on April 1, a well-known special day which began in the 1500’s when the Gregorian calendar took over from the Julian calendar, a day called April Fools’ Day. It is a day when friends and family play tricks on each other, telling someone something bad has happened, but then, after the person believes it and suffers from it, revealing that it did not, in fact, happen. It was an April fool.

As I pondered the fact that Resurrection Day falls on April 1, I began contemplating what the “joke” might be, and who was the trickster, and who was the fool. The message is clear.

When Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory, was crucified, the devil must have rejoiced. He may have thought about that ancient curse which had been placed on him back in the Garden. He couldn’t have understood it all, but he must have latched onto the part he could understand. He had, through malice and deceit and hate of God who had banished him from heaven and the glory he had had as one of God’s great angels, led Eve and then Adam into sinning against the God they loved. Through his deceit and outright defiance of God’s word, he had led Adam and Eve to rebel, and from that day on, every person born into this world was by nature a rebellious, self-centered sinner.

Satan’s punishment came swiftly from the Lord of Glory, however. He was changed from a beautiful serpent, which apparently stood upright, into a cursed, crawling, hated, despised snake that would spend his life crawling in the dust on his belly. But that wasn’t the totality of the curse God put upon this murderous, lying creature. Beyond that was another part. God had said, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed: He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.” This prophetic promise was to come to pass, but Satan couldn’t have even listened to the first part of this curse. He must have been all ears to the second part, however, that he, at some time in the future, would bruise the Seed of the woman.

And thus it had happened in history. The Son of the Living God had come to earth, the promised Seed of the woman, Eve. He had lived a perfect, sin-free life since his birth and had shown the way of salvation, the way back to the Father after the marred, broken relationship had ruined every person who had ever lived. He, himself, was the Way back to the Father. To all whom the Father called, to all who believed in him, to them was given the gift of adoption, being made children of God, and receiving another gift, that of everlasting life.

Satan must have hated him with a vengeance, and this hate was expressed frequently during his three years of ministry through unbelieving Jewish leaders who were blinded as to who he really was. Their hate spewed towards him in every encounter, finally consummating in trumping up false charges against him, arresting him, beating him, slapping and spitting in his face, and calling for his crucifixion by the Romans. The enemy was winning! Can’t we see Satan sneering as he enjoyed his obvious victory over God and His plan. If he could just maneuver Jesus’ death, then he would be done with him. Yes, he would bruise him, all right! And he did cause such bruising through sadistic beating at the hands of the Romans, through the agony of the crown of thorns jammed onto his brow, through the pain of dragging his cross through the streets of Jerusalem after he was so weak he couldn’t walk and had to be helped; through the humiliation and shame of being stripped naked to hang in public in front of his own mother and the women who followed him and loved him, through the torture of spikes being driven into his hands and feet; added to that, being hung upright and unable to breathe. And then, though invisible to the human eye, the agonizing suffering in His sweet, pure spirit as he, himself, became a curse for all those whom the Father had given him, taking the penalty for their sin into his own person. Even if Satan had understood the great exchange that was taking place, he would have laughed anyway, because he thought he had won. The Son of God was dying! He would be rid of him forever!

Not so! Satan had forgotten the second part of the curse in the Garden. “And He shall bruise your head.” Although Satan had accomplished his part of bruising Jesus’ heel in every possible way, he did not realize that his own head was being bruised. It was, in fact, being crushed! For he would no longer have power over those whom Jesus had redeemed by His death. His own devious, evil mind had tricked him. What he thought he had accomplished by bringing about hatred against Christ, had only fulfilled God’s eternal plan for man’s redemption.

What horror in hell on the day of Jesus’ resurrection! “Oh No! He’s alive! He’s alive!” Sin and death had been defeated. Satan had lost. His head, his power had been crushed. He would be doomed to the lake of fire eternally. Jesus Christ had won the victory!

This year, on April 1, as we think about our Resurrection Day celebration falling on April Fools’ Day, we can rejoice. Who was the trickster? It was Satan’s own perverted mind which tricked him into thinking he could have victory over God!
And to Satan, the enemy of our souls, we can sarcastically ask, “Who is the Fool?” We will, ourselves, answer that question, “You are!”

written by Patricia H. Guthrie               February 2, 2018

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