The Unusual Party Guest
Summertime is quickly approaching, and with warm weather also comes outdoor parties!  As our family took an afternoon off from the kitchen renovation to chill in the creek, we had an unexpected visitor stop by.   Now before you get all excited and think it was someone famous, let me set the record straight.  It was… (0 comment)

Lessons From a Housecleaner
I recently volunteered to do a complete house cleaning for newly constructed home. It was a paid job, and since I'd had some experience in house cleaning, I thought it would be a nice way to earn some extra cash. The job is now done, and as I look back, I realize how unprepared I really was. The extra money was nice, but the lessons learned were even more valuable.… (0 comment)

The Hunt: Top This
There are MANY coon stories our family could tell you, but for this post, I’m giving the page over to authors, Kelley Saufley (one of our nephews) and James Gill (our, uh, adopted nephew). This one is appropriately titled: THE HUNT: TOP THIS… (5 comments)

Hosting a Cousins’ Weekend
Some of my most memorable childhood moments include my cousins. And I have a lot! So when the opportunity arose for me to keep my nieces and nephews from Wednesday to Saturday so their mom could go on a retreat, I jumped on board! Cousins' Weekend!! If you're considering hosting a cousins' weekend or something similar, maybe some of what we did will be helpful to you.… (4 comments)