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The Chronicles of Narnia: a review about the White Witch

The Chronicles of Narnia: a review about the White Witch

 If you’re a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia, check out this review of the White Witch.  This was written by our 13 year old using the IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) curriculum, which is what we use in our homeschool.   *spoiler alert*  If you have never had the pleasure of reading these classics, get to it, then come back and enjoy this snippet.

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As you stumble casually in a snowy white forest, you hear a slithery laugh and feel stone creeping up your body. You have been assailed by the White Witch.

The White Witch is from a series of books called [amazon_textlink asin=’0064471195′ text=’The Chronicles of Narnia’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’besidethecreek-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’880deff9-310d-11e7-afd2-0307a1e633d4′]. It takes place in a land called Narnia. It was written by C.S. Lewis, who was a Christian. It is a fantasy adventure series. We will cover three of the White Witch’s traits: manipulative, fearsomeness, and spitefulness.

The White Witch is extremely manipulative. Although she seems nice, she is actually devious. Edmund fell prey to her schemes, which are wicked, and became a servant to her. The White Witch gave him what he wanted and he was so tricked by her that he became a traitor. Because of her deceptiveness, we can tell she is manipulative.

As if acting manipulative wasn’t a horrible enough trait, the White Witch is also very fearsome. Amazingly, the White Witch, who was in our world at the time, had broken off a crowbar from a lamp post. She later used this same piece of iron to knock out a policeman and also to try and assail The Son Of The Emperor Over The Sea, or Aslan. Before this however, she destroyed all of Charn by just saying one word! Because of all these dead people, we can be sure that she is very fearsome.

Although we have covered a couple of the White Witch’s unmistakeable attributes, we haven’t covered how spiteful she is. On many occasions she unveiled this evil part of her personality. In The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe she tried to kill the Pevinsies to secure her crown forever. Unfortunately, she managed to kill the lion, Aslan, who was King of all Kings. In the beginning of Narnian time she also tried to kill the lion, but failed. Because she tries to destroy everybody in revenge, we can tell she is spiteful.

As we near the end of this report, I would like to verbalize my opinion about the following: manipulativeness, spitefulness, and fearsomeness, which are all horrible examples of how the White Witch acts. I unchangeably believe that being spiteful is the worst of her personality. I can imagine nothing worse than killing Aslan out of spite. Because of this reason, I think that being spiteful is the White Witch’s most unkind attribute.

*author: Nathan Kelley