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Livin’ With What’s Given’…Dirt!

Livin’ With What’s Given’…Dirt!

I love mud boots. I’m thankful for shoes that keep our feet warm. But what I don’t like is the left over, caked up chunks of the the stuff that makes its way into my kitchen every day…DIRT!
I have a confession to make: I covet mudrooms.
In our 100 year old house, the front door opens right into the kitchen and naturally, that’s where everything gets dropped. From boots to coats, lunch boxes to toys. Along with those lovely signs of life, comes the dirt. And it’s not just from the soles of the shoes either. Sometimes it finds its way in on the knees of jeans, or catches a ride with the dog. I honestly think it just seeps in through the cracks. Anyway it chooses, it loves my kitchen.

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It is said that the kitchen is the “gathering place” of a home. I totally agree. After hosting lunch on a “farm work day”, the floor celebrates the variety of goodies left behind. When 20 people leave the kitchen, you know there’s gonna be a mess.
Just last week we had such a day, and there was ole faithful: DIRT. But in addition, there were also traces of chicken manure, OREO crumbs, and sawdust. Evidence of a productive day 🙂 Real family farming…

As the Head Mother (aka my mother-in-law), was helping me clean up, she put it bluntly, yet beautifully: “If there was no dirt or messes to sweep up, then that would mean there were no children or people ever around.” Boy, that struck a chord in my heart. When I think about all the meals, all the laughter and stories shared, not to mention all the prayer times that have been enjoyed in that kitchen, my heart overflows!         I LOVE DIRT!!
For all the runaway peas that find themselves under the table, or the hundreds of sticky rice kernels that end up under chairs, I’m thankful. It means we had a good meal and we aren’t going hungry.
And really, it doesn’t take that long to [amazon_textlink asin=’B001229JC0′ text=’sweep’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’besidethecreek-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’168646e0-fdb7-11e6-93a6-3b8ae43aeb97′] the floor each day. It gets even better as the children get older and can help out with clean up 🙂
So what if I sweep and mop the floor only to have The Daddy (my husband) come home from work and say, “I don’t know why you do this before I come home, you know I’ll just make it dirty again.” (say that with a deep southern draw and you’ll get a better effect) It’s okay! At least he came home…
Finally, here’s the lesson learned: I will take sweeping the kitchen floor over an empty house anytime. Tis a sign that Life lives here. 🙂