What Really is This Thing Called Love? A Love Lesson from the 1940’s

What Really is This Thing Called Love?  A Love Lesson from the 1940’s

When I began dating my  husband, I asked my Grandma Dottie, “How do I know if he’s the one?” She gave me an answer that has proven true…but it began with her Aunt Clara.

Aunt Clara would say, “Love is a funny thing shaped like a lizard; it crawls up your back and jumps into your gizzard.”

Well, that didn’t satisfy my Grandma growing up. She met people who seemed to be so much in love, that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. At times it looked like they were velcroed together! Something would happen after the “I do’s” were said. All the lovey dovey stuff was replaced with bad mouthing each other. She asked her other Aunt, Minnie, what she thought had happened; she answered, “They did all the ‘I will’s’ before they said the ‘I do’s’.”

While trying to figure out what love really was, she became a “sweetheart watcher”. She would watch couple after couple, and just when she thought she had found two perfect lovebirds, they turned out to be two perfect cuckoo birds!

When she became a teenager, her worst fear was thinking she was in love and finding out it was too late…she really wasn’t. At this point she figured she should seek some real expert advice. She asked Dad. “How can you know you are really in love?”

After a lot of thought, this is what her wise father came up with. “When you are really in love, you get this good feeling little pain way down in the pit of your stomach. Every time you see the person you think you are in love with, the good feeling little pain starts to act up. It works even when you’re angry with the person. Let’s just say you have had an argument with the person and they go stomping out of the room. Just for a second they turn and your eyes meet. The little pain kicks in and you know you are really in love.”

During my months of dating, my Grandma Dottie and I would talk on phone at least once a week. Every time, before we said good bye, she’d asked me, “Does he make your stomach hurt!”

I wouldn’t have to think too long before answering her, “Yes, yes he does!”

(I smile even now as I write it.  🙂

As a wedding gift, I asked our guests to write down any marital advice they would recommend. We afterwards made a keepsake binder of them all.   Of course, my Grandma Dottie  wrote down this story from her youth as a reminder for me.  Although my grandparents have since gone to Heaven, I know this piece of advice played a role throughout their years of marriage.

And, I can honestly say, after almost 15 years into my own marriage, this lesson still holds true!  Enjoy your sweetheart 🙂

If you have some wonderful advice your grandparents shared with you about love, please comment below.