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The Unusual Party Guest

The Unusual Party Guest

Summertime is quickly approaching, and with warm weather also comes outdoor parties!  As our family took an afternoon off from the kitchen renovation to chill in the creek, we had an unexpected visitor stop by.


Now before you get all excited and think it was someone famous, let me set the record straight.  It was Galadriel: the cow.

Galadriel, yes, as in Lord of the Rings, is a 3 year old heifer who was one of our “bottle babies”.  She was born on our farm, a possible twin.  When a cow has a set of twins, it is very common for her to only take one of them, leaving the other an orphan.  This is where ‘human moma’ steps in.  Katherine, our daughter, proudly takes on that role.  From the first day she was brought into our yard, this bovine has followed her everywhere.  Once she was weaned from milk replacer, she still came to Katherine every time she heard her voice.  The calf would even stand outside her window and mooooo for her until she answered!  She has claimed the human children as her own…

Here she is watching the kiddos as they play ball on the trampoline…“Now how can I get in there to play?”

As you can see, she’s a full size cow now…technically, she’s still a heifer because she hasn’t had her first calf.  We think she’s currently bred, but will have to wait a few more months to make sure.  As a side note: sometimes twins are born without all their reproductive organs, which can prevent them from carrying a calf or nursing one.

We thought for sure once she was turned out in the fields with the rest of the herd, she would forget about all of us…boy were we wrong!

There we were, enjoying watching the boys open their birthday presents, when here the herd comes.  They too claim the “still spot” as their own because it’s shady and part of their routine drinking route.  (Who do we think we are, taking their watering hole!)  Well, Galadriel didn’t let that stop her.  She just waddled on over and said, “Hey!”  She was fascinated with the tissue paper and wanted some leftover pound cake.  After all, her moma and family were there, so she should be too!  After several failed attempts to shoo her away, which she thought was part of the fun, Katherine had to lead her away from the party.  

Never. A. Dull. Moment.

This cow is a pet, need I say more?  Even if she never is able to calf, she will always be a part of the farm.  For those that aren’t use to her, seeing a 1000 pound cow hobbling towards you can be a little scary!  We just give her a piece of bread, let her lick our arms a bit, then send her on her way.  Memories in the making 🙂